Fairwinds Welsh Springer Spaniels - History

Fairwinds Welsh Springers begin as a dream. In 1981 I acquired my first Welsh Springer and there began the addiction. His name was Joshua and he was the joy of my life for 12.5 years. In 1993 I had to have another Welsh Springer I found Connie Christie and Killagay Kennels. Connie had one condition to adhere to if I was to be the owner of her most beautiful pup. That condition was the pup must be shown. As with all new Welshie owners my dogs name was Dylan. He was beautiful but unfortunately became ill and was euthanized at a very young age. Connie then suggested we co-own a pup for which she had high hopes. His name was Kirby or Ch Killagay’s Sherlock Holmes. Kirby was as Connie promised a winner not only of my heart but in the show ring. Kirby won an Award of Merit owner handled in 1998 Westminster Kennel Club. Soon one dog was just not enough.

Connie Christie repeated the breeding that brought Kirby into my life and from that breeding came Thomas, Ch Penri Tomas O’ Killagay. There are not words that can describe the joy that Thomas brought to my family. Thomas brought joy and ribbons and trophies galore. At times he was unbeatable even with the untrained handler on the end of the lead. Thomas has numerous BOB and his Awards of Merit from Nationals, American Spaniel Club and Westminster. But he has also won BOB at the American Spaniel Club show twice in 1998 and 2002. He has produced three litters and three Champions. Ch Meke Aloha O’ Killagay (Tootsie), Ch Fairwinds Little Miss Magic (Savannah) and Ch Fairwinds Killagay Rendezvous (Schooner) He also has two grandchildren Ch Fairwinds Celtic Warrior (Colin) and Ch Fairwinds Magic of MacDuff (Tegan).

Thomas was bred to Ch Bu-Gwyn Ready About Killagay (Sailor) bred by Joan Hamaguchi DVM in California. She is the mother of Ch Fairwinds Little Miss Magic and Ch Fairwinds Killagay Rendezvous as well as Ch Fairwinds Son of a Sailor (Buffett) and Ch Fairwinds Red Sky at Night (Brin). She was a winner of many BOB but also many BOS to Thomas and proved to be a wonderful mother to two litters of pups. She also has a California girl appearance and movement even in her old age.

As you will see from the following pages the condition to owning that first dog is now a way of life. Between Connie and Joan and the members of the Greater Chesapeake Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America I was taught about showing, grooming, evaluating and loving the world of Welsh Springers. I am thankful for the dogs as well as the many friends I have gained through this hobby.